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WebView2 for Xojo

The last days we played with the new WebView2 control from Microsoft. This control allows any Windows application to use the Chrome based Edge browser as a control within your application. Enjoy all the latest JavaScript, HTML and CSS features and replace use of Internet Explorer.

Please visit the WebView2 website and download the WebView2 Runtime installer there. There is a single installer to download whatever platform you are on or just get the Windows 32 or 64-bit Intel full installers. The control may come pre-installed for future Windows 10 versions, but currently all clients have to install it for Windows 7 and newer.

For next MBS Xojo Plugins version 20.5 we add a WebView2ControlMBS control, which you can drop on your window in a project. If run on Windows, the control will try to load WebView2 and put it in a control. Please try the example project soon with new plugins.

This includes various settings, a dozen events, run JavaScript or call back from JavaScript to the control via web messages. Show developer tools or add JavaScript to run on each website. We may add more things over time, but the first version is set and will be available tomorrow.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. The biggest plugin in space...
01 11 20 - 13:39