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FileMaker Server for Linux

Today Claris International Inc. released the FileMaker Server in version 19.1.2: Announcement, Release Notes. This includes an rpm package for Linux!
If you have a license, just go to your electronic product delivery page and download the new version.

Linux for FileMaker has a few years of history. After Claris told us years ago to prepare a plugin for Linux, it still took a while till 2016 to get a plugin SDK. In fall that year we shipped version 6.5 of MBS FileMaker Plugin including 64-bit Linux support to be used with the FileMaker Cloud servers at that time. We kept updating our plugin for Linux, adding more Linux features over time and currently have over 2900 of our 6300 functions available on Linux.

Claris got plenty of requests over the years to make the Linux server available stand alone. And in Hamburg at the FileMaker Konferenz in 2019 we had discussions with Claris staff about that and they let us know they are working on such an offering. As usual no time given. But FileMaker Server 19 was released with a Linux developer preview, so everyone with a license could test it. Over the months Claris made great progress and simplified the installation, improved the Admin Console and added a few Linux specific features. Today is finally the release date and we congratulate Claris to this new version. The Linux servers will quickly take over the world!

MBS FileMaker Plugin 10.x work fine on the Linux servers and we recommend to use recent versions to avoid running into fixed bugs.

We post a photo story with all the screenshots we made when we installed a Linux FileMaker server from scratch earlier today: Installation of FileMaker Server in pictures
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