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SSH Terminal example for Xojo

For next pre-release we upgrade our MBS Xojo Network Plugin with new DataAvailable event for SSH2ChannelMBS class. This allows to easier use the SSH connection and react event based on incoming data. And we used the chance to build a new example for a GUI based SSH Terminal application example:

Like the TCPSockets in Xojo, the trick is a timer running in the background to check regularly for new data. We start it when you call Execute method and then the timer checks for new data. If you don't use the DataAvailable event, we disable the timer of course, so you can just read yourself.

Originally we started the SSH classes to solve the problem, that normal SSH command line tool doesn't accept password as parameter or via pipe input. With our SSH2SessionMBS class you can provide password, use keyboard interactive password passing or private key file. The last one is the most secure of course.

Will come later this week with 20.5pr3. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. The biggest plugin in space...
08 10 20 - 13:10