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Xojo 2020r1.1

Xojo Inc. dropped an update for Xojo 2020r1: Download and Release Notes. It improves the web target with 32 bug fixes, 5 changes and 6 new things. This fixes the most urgent things in the Web 2 framework and is certainly welcome to get quick fixes there. Most welcome are Pressed events for WebLabel, WebImageViewer and WebCanvas. We hope in future to have an universal Pressed event for all controls, which carries additional parameters like modifier keys.

For desktop projects, you find a bug fix for the HTMLViewer issue Bob talked about. A text conversion bug was fixed, so we may encounter failed assertion in REALstring.cpp less frequent. Still we prefer those being exceptions and not assertions as we want to get a stack trace and show our bug reporter dialog. The fixes for Double.IsInfinite and Double.IsNotANumber make you wonder whether this functions have been tested at all by anyone before releasing. United tests may be a good for such basic functions! HTMLViewer on macOS can now pass floating values and the Linux IDE should now show the help even if some webkit library is missing.

In general the update is very welcome. Kudos for Xojo Inc. to do a .1 release and pushing the fixes to us without letting us wait months for the next bigger release.

As of today we have no idea what may come in r2 this year as Xojo Inc. hasn't announced anything in this regard. We do hope for a more bug fix orientated release. Web 2.0 and API 2.0 may have enough issues to keep engineers busy. Add a dozen bug fixes for long standing issues and we would be happy. As Apple is launching Apple Silicon soon, support for that target should be prioritized, so Xojo is ready and developers like us have a chance to test Xojo projects and our plugin functionality before Apple ships the hardware to customers. We already compiled 20.4 release for macOS with ARM 64-bit to make sure things do compile.
29 09 20 - 08:43