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MBS Xojo Examples Projects stay with Xojo 2019

The examples shipping with MBS Xojo Plugins are currently made with Xojo 2019. We tried to update a few for Xojo 2020r1, especially web projects. But the current Web 2 framework in the Xojo application is not complete yet from our perspective. More like a developer preview, where you take a sneak peal and wait for a future 2020r2 release to include more functionality.

For several examples we miss mouse related events. The WebImageView for example has a Pressed event for example. But misses to tell us where it was pressed, so the ChartDirector examples won't fly.

The missing MsgBox name is annoying as that name is deep in my muscle memory. It can still be replaced with MessageBox instead.

Some projects use WebTimer, which doesn't load properly and show internal trouble. You know when the compiler can't tell you what's wrong and just points to the control name on the layout.

The renamed methods for the API 2 can be adapted, but are very annoying. Why not keep old names with deprecation warnings or just hidden from auto complete.

Finally projects saved with Web 2 in Xojo 2020r1 may not load in older Xojo versions.

So for the rest of this year, we expect our examples to stay with Xojo 2019r1.
11 09 20 - 12:51