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Reducing plugin footprint for Xojo Console and Web projects

We had an idea on the weekend. If we mark more classes to be console unsafe, they are skipped for pre-compilation for console and web projects. The IDE has less items to take care about. So we went through the class list and identified over 300 classes, which you may usually not use in console projects. For example you may not need NSView, NSPanel, Photos, File Dialogs, GameKit, SceneKit or DiscRecording classes in your web projects.

Once this change is made the precompiled plugin data files are now 12 MB smaller and recompilation takes about 30 seconds less time here in our tests.

Another optimization is to split MacCG plugin. This plugin part produces the biggest cache file, so splitting it reduces the footprint for you if you don't need QuartzCore classes and you can leave away the new MacCI plugin.

Please try next pre-release plugins soon and let us know whether you miss a class for a console or web project. And of course let us know whether this helps you.
31 08 20 - 12:48