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Notes from Claris Engage

We got a few notes from the Claris Engage sessions:

  • We are about 1400 Claris Business Alliance partners. Claris reported a growth in sign-ups, so hopeful the number will go up over years.
  • About 1350 devices on the YouTube stream live for the keynote watching, but probably several people per screen in a lot of watch parties.
  • Web Authoring makes progress. Quick layout changes like adding a field could be possible soon via browser on a FileMaker Server.
  • Cloud Smart sounds much better than Cloud First.
  • An update for FileMaker 19 is coming within weeks. They showed a few nice add-ons, but no promise on which of them will ship and when.
  • Webviewer will get an upgrade on Windows. Internet Explorer is on the way out!
    No timeframe given, but I expect they use Microsoft's WebView2 control based on Edge with Chromium and that one is scheduled to come Q4 2020 (or later). Once that ships with Windows 10, Claris may be able to use it. You may be able to install it on Windows 8.x, too.
    Warning: When this switch happens, MBS WebView functions would need a rewrite to support it and we may review that when needed to determinate whether this is possible and what features may be worth to carry on.
  • Claris puts priority on the server to be first stable and second have great performance.
  • They still work on page locking for server and may provide a better locking than file or page locks we have currently with something between to make it simpler and faster. They played with sorting with threads and sort on server.
  • You may join ETS program to try various features, you can turn on/off.
  • Linux server will be finished end of summer and released! They are very enthusiastic about it.
This list may get extended over the day. Claris FileMaker Plugin
04 08 20 - 20:56