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AVRecorder on iOS

For next prerelease we fixed a few issues for AVRecorder functions on iOS for users of our plugin with MBS FileMaker SDK.

You can now better place the control on the layout with new AVRecorder.AddPreviewWithControl function instead of specifying a size. Depending on the layout the control functions may get the right position whether status toolbar is visible or not for all platforms. Please let us know if you find a case where the position is wrong.

On iOS you can just like MacOS enumerate the devices and pick devices with AVRecorder.SetVideoDevice or AVRecorder.SetAudioDevice. Then you can show preview with AVRecorder.AddPreviewWithControl or AVRecorder.AddPreviewToWindow function. If you like, take a picture with AVRecorder.CaptureStillPhoto function.

If you are interested in the live QRCode detection within the video picture, you can try AVRecorder.StartQRCodeDetection function and see if the plugin can recognize a QRCode using CoreImage filters. That is the same feature as used in the camera app itself on iOS.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.
Claris FileMaker Plugin
16 07 20 - 12:59