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Xojo Developer Magazine 18.4

The July/August (18.4) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:

Introducing PowerXS (Part 1) by Marc Zeedar
Marc unveils his new framework cloning tool for XojoScripts that he was going to speak about at XOJO.CONNECT this year.

OOP Listbox (Part 2) by Markus Winter
Markus continues creating his object-oriented Listbox.

On the Scene Again (Part 3) by Stefanie Juchmes
More SceneKit, this time exploring solving and animating a popular brain teaser.

Porting a Mac App to iOS by Tom Baumgartner
How hard is it to port your Mac app to iOS? Tom recently did it and shows what it took.

MapKit (Part 5) by Markus Winter
Markus continues in his quest to draw maps with Xojo, this time going deeper into finding and displaying addresses.

PLUS: WWDC 2020, Xojo on Android, Web 2.0, Drag and Drop, Best of the Web, and more!
01 07 20 - 22:10