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Windows Photos Acquire

For next MBS Xojo Plugins we add classes for Windows Photos Acquire API on Windows 7 and newer. Our new WinPhotoAcquireMBS class lets you open a source and acquire the pictures from it, e.g. import from digital camera to local folder.

Please use WinPhotoAcquireDeviceSelectionDialogMBS class to ask the user to pick a device. That may be a WIA, STI, File System, WPD, STI or TWAIN device as long as Windows has drivers for it. The dialog looks like the screenshot on the right.

Next you can use WinPhotoAcquireOptionsDialogMBS class to show the dialog to do settings. The user may just pick settings and save them for next time. There is also WinPhotoAcquireSettingsMBS class to manually configure them and define some parameters like the file name template.

The source may provide pictures dynamically without importing via WinPhotoAcquireSourceMBS class. Check there for the items() and inspect them. Each WinPhotoAcquireItemMBS object may give you the name, thumbnail and you can request the data.

You can acquire pictures with or without progress dialog. If you request without dialog, you can still use WinPhotoProgressDialogMBS class to show progress. Via WinPhotoAcquireProgressCallBackMBS you receive updates from Acquire method on how processing is going, e.g. when a transfer starts, ends and how the progress is made. You can return true in Cancelled event to cancel it at any time.

Those new classes accomplish the ImageCapture class for MacOS and the WIA classes for Windows to access cameras and scanners. The biggest plugin in space...
25 06 20 - 15:43