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MBS and OmegaBundle 2020

This year two MBS Products are included with OmegaBundle:
Let us explain a bit the small print. The bundle is mainly for new users coming to the platform to give them a kick start with various tools available. But we know a lot of existing customers may be interested to get a license.

For ChartDirector, you get a new license with one year of updates. If you have a ChartDirector license, we can extend your license for another year.
With ChartDirector you can charts for desktop, console and web applications. The charts can be changed and animated if needed. You can check our examples to handle mouse clicks on them and you can output charts as picture, PDF or SVG files.

For DynaPDF you get a new Starter license. If you have an expired starter license already, we renew the license with a new year. If you have a higher level of license, we contact you to whether you want to order the update for your license with a discount.

For this year we also offer discounted upgrades from the OmegaBundle to DynaPDF Lite versions. Special price for Lite upgrade is $129 USD plus tax (or similar in other currency). You can get the Pro or Enterprise upgrade in addition for regular pricing.

If you are interested in an upgrade, please contact us. You first buy OmegaBundle and then we can bill you any difference needed to reach the items you like to get. And of course that bill could include our other plugins. The biggest plugin in space...
25 06 20 - 07:39