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Moved to macOS Catalina

Finally we moved to macOS Catalina just before the next version is announced on Monday at WWDC. On the way there a few apps stopped working like the older Real Studio and FileMaker versions. DragThing didn't make to the new OS and for some old buddies like Fetch, we got updates.

The old Xcode 9.4 doesn't work any more, so that may be the end of the 32-bit Mac plugin for FileMaker here. You can still get version 10.2 from us in 32-bit if needed, e.g. you still have FileMaker 13 and need to use the plugin to push data as JSON e.g. to the DATA API in newer FileMaker servers.

For Xojo the 32-bit Mac compilation via command line still works, so we can keep that a bit longer, but can't test anymore here without a VM. We now build 32-bit and 64-bit MacOS plugin via command line using Xcode 11.5.

One thing we had to adjust a lot of file paths is that, we can't put a folder any more on root folder of the start volume. The disk now has internally two partitions with a read only one for the system and a writable with my data. Great to protect me against applications trying to hack into the system. But inconvenient as I had to move my build system to move a folder in my user folder.

As the new MacOS version is upcoming, we will mark a couple of classes/functions as deprecated, e.g. Addressbook functions. Please move to newer Contacts functions as we are not sure whether Apple will keep the older APIs around in case they change something like the CPU architecture.
20 06 20 - 12:06