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Welcome FileMaker 19

The release of Claris FileMaker 19 marks and a big step for Claris on their move to a new agile development cycle. They said this is the last big yearly update. In future Claris Inc. plan to release smaller updates more regularly and push new features quicker to developers. Instead of developing something and waiting for next May to release it, they will now release things as they get ready over the year. And if we will install many more updates over the years, we hope they soon allow in-place updates for the server without reinstalling.

For MBS Plugin the recent release 10.2 is updated for FileMaker 19. Older versions like 10.1 still had bugs we corrected later, so please avoid older plugins to not run into issues we fixed already. The older version 10.1 mostly works, but we have a few issues including a crash in Script Workspace. Using older versions in FileMaker 19 is not supported.

You may heard that Claris works on a Linux version of the FileMaker Server as mentioned in their roadmap video. MBS Plugin has been supporting Linux since we got the first Cloud server betas in 2016. Over the years we learnt a lot and currently our plugin works fine on a lot of FileMaker Cloud servers on AWS. Once released later this year, you may be able to install Claris FileMaker Server on your own computer running a supported Linux distribution. Our Linux version of MBS Plugin can be used there and we suggest you get the developer preview in the next months.

In the next blog posts, we will take a deeper look to compare the JavaScript and CoreML features in FileMaker 19 to the features in our plugin. While FileMaker now has some things built-in, we expect the plugin to add value for developers with some extra functionality.

If you see problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.
20 05 20 - 19:17