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Building for future Xojo targets

We already upgraded our build system and can build plugins for iOS Device + Simulator and Linux 64-bit ARM. Of course we have not yet an official Plugin SDK, so we are not sure we link everything correctly. But it is great to get something going already and prepare more as time permits. Currently this MBS Xojo Plugins do already build for iOS:

In total about 200 parts do currently build for iOS. Of course Linux, Java and Win parts are just dummies, but they allow you to compile code referencing classes without getting errors because of missing #if tests.

For Linux 32-bit ARM we build currently 519 plugin parts.
From that 507 already compile for 64-bit ARM, so we are at 97% coverage.

While doing this work, we may deprecate a few things as we may not plan to port them to those new targets. And some classes were designed due to missing functionality in the Xojo framework. But as the framework catch up, we may prefer to just use the built-in function.

10 05 20 - 10:09