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Xojo Design Award 2020 arrived

After a month long travel, the award made it from Texas to Germany.

Sadly the Xojo.Connect conference in Nashville was cancelled and so we don't have a ceremony this year.

All the award winners:

Congratulations to the 2020 Xojo Design Award Winners!

Best Consumer App - HDRtist NX, Ohanaware
Best iOS App - PropertyMe Manager, PropertyMe
Best Lifestyle App - Crossword Wizard, Rush Software
Best Vertical Market App - qwireCast, qWire
Best Developer Tool - RegExRX, MacTechnologies Consulting
Best Vertical Market App - bMD Medical Software
Best Plugin - MBS Plugins, MonkeyBread Software

*Yes, there are 2 Best Vertical Market Apps, they were both so good we had no choice but to award them both!

View the winners here!

Thanks Xojo, Inc. and see you all next year in London for Xojo.Connect from 21st to 23rd April 2021.
06 05 20 - 14:58