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Trip to New York and Nashville cancelled

Due to the decision of the US government to ban us from coming to the USA (see press release), we cancel our trips to the USA.
  • For the FileMaker meeting on Thursday we'll try to join via WebEx.
  • The Xojo meeting in New York in the steak house could take place, but just without us.
  • For the Xojo.Connect conference we expect to find some solution. We'll probably provide our session as video on our website. Maybe we can hold it via video conferencing from today. This also offers the chance for Xojo Inc. to allow virtual attendance to the conference by streaming the sessions.
  • The Claris Engage conference is in August and we hope the flu season is over by then. But we will not book/pay a booth and tickets until we know the ban is liften and doesn't get extended till summer.

PS: The Xojo.Connect conference is cancelled. Also the PauseOnError in St. Louis for FileMaker developers is cancelled.
12 03 20 - 10:00