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Checking out the party location

We went to the party location for our 20 years Monkeybread Software event. Our mascot directly found a chair at the bar, but the bartender didn't show up that day.

In April 2020 our company will turn 20 years old and we celebrate.
We'll plan to have a big party here in Germany near our office with over 100 guests.

We hope for good weather and plan to do some barbecue and have a bouncy castle for the kids. They have a lovely terrasse for sitting outside, a big smoker for some great barbecue and be hired a DJ to entertain us.

If you like to join and you miss an invitation, you can contact us and ask whether your invitation got lost. Today we sent a few more invitations. In total something like 600 people invited, but most can't come. As people confirm they are coming, we'll add them to the guest list. If we run out of space, we may put people on the wait list. If you can't make it, please respond soon, so we don't need to contact you again later. The biggest plugin in space...
11 03 20 - 08:01