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Upcoming deprecations for MBS FileMaker Plugin

There are some deprecations and removals coming for the FileMaker platform and we may follow with the MBS Plugin. Currently we would like to learn who uses deprecated technologies and continues to need updated plugins from us in the future:

FileMaker Pro runtimes
Deprecated in version FileMaker 14, currently available in version 18 and probably gone for version 19.

Windows 32-bit
The number of people using 32-bit versions of Windows is falling quickly. Newer computers bought are 64-bit and come with a 64-bit Windows version. The roadmap for FileMaker shows 32-bit support on Windows as deprecated. FileMaker 19 may drop 32-bit support for Windows as it is not listed as supported feature for the New Claris support policy.

MacOS 32-bit
Since FileMaker version 14, FileMaker supports 64-bit on MacOS, so there hasn't been a request for a 32-bit plugin in some time.

FileMaker Cloud for AWS
The newer FileMaker Cloud 2.x does not have plugin support and the older 1.x Cloud is scheduled to have end of live at the end of calendar year 2021 (or a day later with 1st Jan 2022).

FileMaker 16 and 17
Those FileMaker versions have support end set to September 2020. See New Claris support policy

Windows versions 7.0 and 8.0
The New Claris support policy shows Windows 8.1 as lowest version for Windows.

If you are still interested in newer plugin versions and licenses for those items, please contact us or use this survey. We will manage a list here for the people needing features. In future we may produce a few more versions including support for the items listed above for some time, then drop a few and eventually concentrate on the newer versions only.
26 02 20 - 14:55