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Upgrading our HTMLViewer functions for Internet Explorer

When you look with auto complete at the methods for HTMLViewer, you see a lot of MBS functions there with IE prefix. We'll cleanup the mess and deprecate all the IE methods we have for HTMLViewer control currently. Instead of we add five new classes and provide the methods there:


All new functions now handle errors by raising IEExceptionMBS exceptions with error number and message set. We added over 50 new methods there to control HTMLViewer on Windows even more. Please let us know if you miss something.

An advantage of the new classes is that you can keep a reference to them in a property. Instead of us looking up the objects internally always, caching them will improve performance.

See also WKWebViewMBS, WebViewMBS, ChromiumBrowserMBS and LinuxWebViewMBS classes for other platforms. You may see the pattern, but instead of putting all methods directly on the HTMLViewer, we plan to move them all into classes and just give you a convenience method to get the instance for the given class. The biggest plugin in space...
31 12 19 - 14:27