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SerialPort functions in MBS Plugin

Have you tried the SerialPort functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin?

With 39 functions in MBS Plugin related to serial ports, you can:
  • Use serial ports on MacOS and Windows
  • List real ports, virtual ports and those provided via USB adapters
  • Connect to serial port
  • Configure baud rate, parity, data and stop bits.
  • Set CTS, DSR, DTR, RTS, XON flags
  • Send text in any encoding, raw bytes as hex string or individual bytes.
  • Get a script triggered for new data coming in
  • Read data as text in any encoding, raw bytes as hex or single bytes.
  • Read text till new line
  • Suspend and Resume the port
  • Check for available bytes in incoming buffer
  • Clear buffers
You can either work with tight loops to make script pauses till data is arriving or work completely asynchronously with script triggers to handle events when they occur. Great for barcode scanners, scales and various measurement devices. All working from older FileMaker 7 up to latest FileMaker 18.

If you order a MBS FileMaker Plugin license for SerialPort functions, you get over 6000 other functions for free within the same package.
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