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Xojo Plugins for EyeOne Devices

The print industry needs to have accurate colors and X-Rite Inc. has a few solutions in that direction. Those include various EyeOne devices to measure colors, quality control applications like ColorCert to make sure the color printed is the one specified and a cloud offering PantoneLIVE to make sure everyone uses the same color standards.

Xojo is a great development tool for cross platform applications for MacOS, Windows and Linux. A few Xojo developers write software to help them work with colors in various ways. This includes software to connect to EyeOne devices and measure colors. If you like to write such a software you need to get a SDK license from X-Rite, download the SDK and then ask us for the matching Xojo Plugin. Over the years we provided several plugins for the various SDKs from X-Rite to interface devices right from the Xojo: i1Pro3, I1IO3, i1iSis, i1Pro and i1iO.

You may also want to look in our LCMS Plugin classes to convert colors from one color space to another and the DynaPDF plugin to put your colors into the PDF files you pass to printers.

See also: Colorspaces in Xojo and Colorspaces in MacOS with Xojo
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