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ChartDirector with Korean alphabet

One of our users asked whether ChartDirector can do text in Korean alphabet (Hangul). As the ChartDirector and MBS Xojo Plugins support unicode, we can answer this with a yes:

The rendering between Mac (left) and Windows (right) looks a little bit different due to different as the fonts are not identically and the platform depended parts of the drawing are not the same. But in order to use all unicode characters, please use a font containing the characters you need.

#If TargetWin32
  Call c.setLabelStyle "ArialUni.ttf"
  Call c.setLabelStyle "Arial Unicode.ttf"

As you see we specify here the font for the labels to be Arial Unicode as this font contains Korean characters. If you miss to specify the font, you get a default font, which may not contain the characters. The example will be included in future MBS Plugin releases. It also works with other asian characters including Chinese, Japanese and Thai.
If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
22 12 19 - 15:32