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eID card reading via bluetooth on iOS

Recently we had a client from Belgium who was interested in reading eID, the electronic ID cards given out by the country of Belgium.

Those cards are normal smart cards and we already provide functions via our Smartcard functions to read the data from those cards including the pictures.

Now this client is interested in using FileMaker iOS SDK, so our traditional SmartCard APIs won't work. We implemented the iOS SDK from Zetes for the client and added new EIDSDK functions for the next MBS FileMaker Plugin.

If you like to try and you have a bR301 Bluetooth Smartcard Reader from Zetes, you can contact us for a test copy.
I think you can buy this reader here: Sipiro M BT 4.0 bluetooth (Feitian bR301BLE)

If you are looking for help on implementing eID functions with Smartcard function in our plugin, we may provide you contacts to developers, who may offer help as service.
13 11 19 - 13:10