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MBS Plugins updated for Xojo 2019r2

Xojo Inc. just released the version 2019r2 of Xojo. You can download it on their website.

MBS Xojo Plugins in version 19.4 have been updated to handle changes for API 2.0 in Xojo 2019r2. A couple of plugin classes and functions have updated declarations to make them working with framework modifications. Our SQL Plugin got updated for prepared statement, which now has a SelectSQL function. MacCocoa, MacCF, ComputerControl and Util plugins got some declarations updated for console/web projects.

The Xojo plugin SDK functions for handling FSRef got removed as Xojo now uses CFURLRef internally for folder items. We updated a couple of plugin functions to now use CFURLRef or NSURL ourselves for file references. But as we still have some older plugin functions using FSRef to do work, we ourselves have support functions to create FSRef on the fly from CFURL and other way around. This keeps old code working. But if you use older plugins in Xojo 2019r2, you may see the following functions fail.

In MBS Plugins, FSRef is still used for:

This list may not be complete. Please update to current plugin version if you use those functions. The problem is they may fail silently with older plugins on newer Xojo version.

Finally there is a bug in Xojo, so an old plugin may cause the load process of plugins to stop. e.g. if you have 20 plugins and the third one has a problem, all others will not load.
We highly recommend to update all your plugins to latest versions. Including plugins from other vendors. The biggest plugin in space...
09 10 19 - 19:12