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MBS Plugins for Real Studio or REALbasic

We still build plugins for REALbasic and Real Studio as some customers still need them. While 99% use Xojo, there is a small part of our customers still using older versions.

We plan to update our plugins this year with 19.5 version to make a really stable version of our plugins with 32-bit support for Real Studio (and REALbasic).
Not sure if we can continue with building Real Studio plugins in 2020 (Mac 32-bit), so we want to have a good (possibly) last version.

So please let us know any problem / bug you like to get fixed.

Please contact us, so you are on the list of Real Studio plugins here and also make sure your license is updated to cover November 2019, so you can use version 19.5 of our plugins.
21 09 19 - 09:41