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MBS FileMaker Plugin 9.4, second release

We uploaded MBS FileMaker Plugin in version 9.4 earlier this week. But the build in version had problems. Due to adding taglib in pr8 for Files.AudioTags function, we got a second copy of zlib, the compression library. For an unknown reason the linker didn't complain about duplicate functions and mixed older and newer functions.

The problem caused crashes in inflate function on MacOS. Probably due to mixing old and newer versions of functions. This function is used for PNG decompression, reading compressed containers and compressed HTTP requests. Probably also affected all zip file handling, too.

After we got a few quick workarounds in place for some customers on Thursday, we found on Friday the real cause, so the fixed built could be made. The newer version of 9.4 is now uploaded on the website, so please switch to the newer version if you downloaded the older one already.

Thanks to all people reporting the bugs with crash reports.
21 09 19 - 09:02