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Mapview with icons in Xojo

We got a new example to show how to put icons on a MapView control in Xojo:

As you see, we use the Xojo icon to mark all the XDC cities on the map including the next XDC location in Nashville.
If you are interested in a Xojo conference, check the next ones in Cologne and Nashville.

To show icons, we add MKPointAnnotationMBS objects to the map and then in viewForAnnotation event, we return a new MKAnnotationViewMBS object and assign the image property to set the image to show. If you use a MKPinAnnotationViewMBS object, then only pins are shown and the image is ignored.

The example will be included in next prerelease, but you can have a copy if needed. Just contact us. The biggest plugin in space...
18 09 19 - 08:38