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Custom Xojo Plugin Development

As I spend the last week a lot of time on custom plugins, I'd like to let you know what we offer there:
  • Wrap a static library or interface a DLL
  • Wrap some C/C++/Objective-C code you may want to use
  • Proper memory handling with correct cleanup of allocated objects
  • Exception handling for NSException, C++ Exception or setjmp and raising Xojo Exceptions.
  • Proper thread handling with mutex and redirecting event calls to main thread.
  • Checks in methods to avoid crashes and raise exception early
  • Threaded functions for Xojo to perform work on preemptive thread.
  • Matching class hierarchy for Xojo with subclasses
  • Returning subclasses C++ object with correct subclass in Xojo
  • Object cache to return always the same Xojo object for the same C++ object.
  • Automatic conversion of Xojo objects to matching C++ objects, e.g. Dictionary to CFDictionary/NSDictionary.
  • Automatic conversion with Xojo arrays to/from C arrays
  • Using Xcode 10.3 for 64-bit MacOS
  • Using Xcode 9.4 for 32-bit MacOS
  • Using gcc in various versions for Linux in 32-bit and 64-bit for x86 as well as ARM 32-bit for Raspberry Pi and similar computers.
  • Using Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012 or 2017 for Windows, all with 32 and 64bit. By default we use VS 2008 for compatibility down to Windows XP. But we can also use VS 2017 with universal runtime.
  • Optionally support for older Xojo, Real Studio or REALbasic versions.
If you have a project requiring a custom Xojo Plugin, please get in touch. Beside our big plugin collection for the public, we made several dozens of custom plugins over the years. The biggest plugin in space...
28 08 19 - 08:07