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Choose spelling dictionary in FileMaker automatically

If you like to use dictionary in another language, you can now control the dialog to select dictionaries.

You can use our new FM.ChooseDictionary function to set the dictionary. Once the function run, you can use FM.GetDictionary to get the current selected item or FM.GetDictionaryList to get the list.
This may be useful for people in e.g. Switzerland. They may use German localization, but would like to use the Swiss German dictionary instead of the regular German one.

Coming soon with next MBS Plugin prerelease. If you like to try now, please do not hesitate to contact us via email for a download link.

PS: We tried for Windows, but when asking the combobox for entries, we only get zero back. Maybe we can solve that someday, but until that day this feature stays Mac only.
24 08 19 - 20:10