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Find Xojo Consultants and Jobs

Looking for someone to hire?

Please visit the Find a Developer website on Xojo.com to submit a job offer or a consultation request. Your job offer is forwarded to a list of Xojo developers, who may contact you for details and make an offer to help.

Looking for work?

If you are professionally working with Xojo as a development tool, you probably already have a Xojo Pro license. With that license comes access to a special forum section for consulting leads, where the requests from the find a developer form above are posted as well as any direct inquires to Xojo's customer support.

An official Xojo Consultants list

We made recently the case in Feedback for an official Xojo consultants list. See Feedback Case 55135. We see the benefits of the FileMaker Business Alliance and would enjoy a similar program for Xojo to increase visibility of the thousands of Xojo developers out there. We tried ourselves to make such a list for Germany, but it needs to be integrated with the Xojo website and accounts.

For example it could be that there is a checkbox in the Xojo account to request being listed on a consulting list, just like the checkbox for the beta program. Xojo Inc. could ask you to provide details for a listing if they accept your wish. By making it dependent on having an active Pro license, they could make sure you can serve all customers as you can use all product features. It may be a good idea to ask for an example of your work to see if you are indeed doing development on a professional level. And if you quit Xojo and stop updating your license, you would automatically be delisted. Great way to avoid having outdated entries in the list.

If you check the FBA requirements, you may see that beside the fee to pay and having a postal address, you need to be one year in business, show customer references and show a sample of custom app work. In the FBA program, you can improve your listing with taking the certification test, but that may be a different topic for Xojo. The biggest plugin in space...
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