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xDev 17.4

The July/August (17.4) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:

Numbers Please! Part 3 by Markus Winter
What is a number? And just how do you tell a program to detect a number?

TextField with Warning Sign by Markus Winter
For his Numberfield, Markus needed a new control with a warning sign.

Husband + Wife + Xojo by Richard and Trisha Duke
Richard looks back on 30 years in the computer business.

Creating Barcodes in Xojo by Stefanie Juchmes
With the MBS barcode plugin, you can create over 80 types of barcodes.

Curves Ahead by Marc Zeedar
Predicting the future is tough. All we really know is that everything will change.

Your First Web App by Paul Budd
Never created a Web App? Now is your chance!

PLUS: Computed properties, WWDC, Xojo Podcast, Client Communication, WeakRefs, Best of the Web, and more!
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