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DynaPDF 4 for PHP

Today DynaForms GmbH released a new PHP version of the DynaPDF library. You use this PHP modules with your PHP installation to use DynaPDF commands in PHP code. While PHP 5.x is still supported, you may prefer to migrate to the PHP 7.2 version. The DynaPDF library has the same commands for all PHP versions to make sure your existing PHP scripts can easily be upgraded.

You can download on the DynaForms website:

DynaPDF für PHP 5.3 for 32 Bit Windows and 32/64 Bit Linux.
DynaPDF für PHP 5.4 for 32 Bit Windows and 32/64 Bit Linux
DynaPDF für PHP 7.2 for 32/64 Bit Windows and 32/64 Bit Linux

Source code for the PHP modules. With an Enterprise DynaPDF license you can also download the source code of the DynaPDF library itself.

For the license, your license key for DynaPDF in Xojo and FileMaker will also work for the PHP version!
Try it and enjoy the same commands in your PHP scripts.
24 06 19 - 07:51