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Ideas from WWDC

After a few days passed some of the details in various WWDC sessions show up.

I got a few points of interest to look into till the new releases appear in the wild and this includes:
  • Text recognition in Vision framework
  • Speech functions
  • Encryption functions
  • Asking for permissions to access user folders
  • CoreML functions
  • Enhancements for AppKit
  • Color picker
  • Sign-in with Apple button
Anything else? What are you interested in using in your solution with help of our plugins?

The release for MacOS 10.15 and iOS 13 are expected for September/October. The APIs are still in flux and the betas not yet polished. So let's wait for the public betas in July before we change applications. So maybe in August, we could show you some plugins for some new features.

Xcode 11 is working well and our projects build already with a few little changes.
13 06 19 - 04:52