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OpenDirectory Framework for Xojo

For next plugin version, we add OpenDirectory classes for MacOS. They allow you to query local, active directory and LDAP information for users.

We have ODSessionMBS class for a session, ODQueryMBS for synchronous or asynchronous queries. You may query for records (ODRecordMBS) on a given node (ODNodeMBS).

The existing classes allow you already to query details on the current user when logged into a Mac with Active Directory or LDAP server.

We also have LDAPMBS class for cross-platform queries to LDAP and Active Directory servers. But Apple deprecated the OpenLDAP library For MacOS, so it is not sure whether it will work in future OS versions. So far it looks like it is still included for MacOS 10.15.

You can try that soon with next prerelease. If you miss additional features, please let us know.
07 06 19 - 18:17