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More on MapViews in FileMaker

We'll add new function for next plugin for our MapView functions:

The new MapView.SetScript function allows you to define a script to be called when someone clicks on a pin. Showing 10 clients on a map your user can than click on the pin and you get the identifier for the pin. As you can pass the identifier when adding the pin and choose it yourself, you can use e.g. the record ID for your related record.
MapView.AddPin, MapView.AddPinWithAddress, MapView.PlanRoute and MapView.ShowAddress now accept color values beside the new identifier value. The color allows you to color the pins individually.

Coming soon for Mac and iOS in MBS FileMaker Plugin 9.3pr2.

All functions are available for Xojo, too. Check the MapKitViewControlMBS control in our MBS Xojo MacFrameworks Plugin to do the same in your Xojo app. Claris FileMaker Plugin
07 06 19 - 15:59