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FileMaker 18 Platform available

FileMaker Inc. released today the version 18 of their FileMaker platform.

MBS Plugin 9.2 is updated to support FileMaker 18 on MacOS, Windows, iOS and the FileMaker Cloud.
Our plugin stays compatible to older FileMaker versions, so you can MBS Plugin with any FileMaker version from the last 10 years!

Older MBS Plugin versions may work with FileMaker 18 Platform, but we can't guarantee that. Some versions may not load, other may show problems. We recommend all users to upgrade to version 9.2.

FileMaker 18 requires plugins to be code signed. We do that for years, so all release versions of MBS Plugins should be properly signed. If you get a warning about an unsigned copy, it may be a modified one, so please delete it!

New for FileMaker 18 is the FM.RunSaveAsXML function in MBS Plugin to automate the export of a database as XML representation. In FileMaker 18 the Get(LastExternalErrorDetail) function has been improved for plugins to give a better clear text message when Install Plug-In File script step fails.
22 05 19 - 19:45