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MBS Xojo Plugins in version 19.2

Nickenich, Germany - (May 21st, 2019) -- MonkeyBread Software today is pleased to announce MBS Xojo Plugins 19.2 for macOS, Linux and Windows, the latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin collection currently available for Xojo. MBS Xojo Plugins have been updated and now includes over 2400 classes and 64000 documented features, and the versatile plugins have gained more new functions:

For MacOS Mojave we added a new ContinuityCameraMBS class. This allows you to start a process where a nearby iOS device is asked to take a picture and return the picture to the Mac. You can use both iPhones and iPads nearby with at least iOS 12. If you have multiple devices, you can show a popup menu to pick one. And you can choose to scan a document, which allows to merge several pictures taken into one PDF document.

Our DynaPDF Plugin got a new integration for Xojo's graphics class. You can query DynaPDFMBS object to get a graphics object for drawing in the current PDF page. This supports all the usual drawing commands in graphics including picture, text and polygons. You can draw 2D objects with transparency and all the other options. If you use the report engine in Xojo, you can draw your report into a PDF document via our plugin.

Our JSONMBS class got improved to better handle 64-bit numbers and avoid the conversion to double which involves rounding. The new convert method can convert between JSONMBS objects and a representation with Variant, Dictionary and Xojo arrays.

The SQL Plugin got a new cache engine when using AutoCache property. Use it to make a server side cursor local on your machine and scroll forward and backward. The SQLValueReadMBS class got new functions to return or set Int32, Int64 and UInt32 values. Our plugin now tries to keep connections alive and we got new constants for SQLite.

For Windows, you can use TextArea.WinAutoCorrectionMBS to enable auto correction beside spell checking. With WinShowFontPanelMBS method you can show font panel from Windows for the text ara. The window.ActivateWindowMBS method can bring a window to front, even if the current process is not in front. Similar Application.FrontmostMBS works on Windows now.

We added a XMLValidatorMBS class to validate XML against a schema definition. Our Java array classes got upgraded to better query values or create Java arrays based on Xojo arrays. When merging Word documents with WordFileMBS class, you can now add a page break between the pages. We got a new ShellMBS class to run command line tools. With CIContextMBS we can now output to HEIF image format.

Finally we updated CURL to 7.64.1, DynaPDF to, LibXL to version 3.8.5, SQLite to 3.28.0, Xcode to 10.2 and CubeSQL SDK to version 5.7.3.

See release notes for a complete list of changes. The biggest plugin in space...
21 05 19 - 09:25