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European Xojo Conference FAQ

We got a couple of questions related to the conference which I like to sum up here:

Is the conference in German?

No, it is in English, as most attendees don't speak German.
And everyone can speak English as otherwise reading Xojo's documentation would be hard for you.
For the training, we offer a day with English and one with German as language.

I don't use MBS Plugin, so should I go?

Yes, of course. The conference is hosted by Monkeybread Software. We do one session telling you what's new in the plugins, but otherwise content is similar to sessions at XDC.

Does Xojo Inc. show up?

Yes, Geoff Perlman, the CEO and founder, will come and speak. He will also talk about the technical changes like the progress in Android support or the new web framework.

Dana Brown, Director of Marketing at Xojo Inc. will join our conference and give a session about marketing your own apps.

Some sessions have same title as for XDC sessions?

Yes, some speakers like to use the same session again and update the content. For example they may present a version 1 at XDC in Miami and a version 2 in Cologne.

Why is the conference in Cologne?

First for handling VAT, we prefer to do it in Germany as that minimizes our paper work. Second, for a few years now we cycle through the cities in Germany with more than a million people. After Berlin in the east, Munich in the south, we now are in Cologne in the west part of Germany.

Why in October?

XDC is around April/May and we like to have five to six months distance between conferences. We look for September, October or November to find a date. Usually we ask a couple of hotels for a conference room on a Thursday/Friday with the required capacity of 50 to 100 seats. Other events take place, so we usually get only a few spots available. e.g. for Munich beside Oktoberfest, school holidays, trade shows, we only had to choose between the week in September and one in November. For Cologne we picked a week at the end of October.

Is dinner included?

The dinner for Thursday evening is included. For the other evenings, it may be self paid by attendees. If the finances allow it, we may organize a group dinner and pay it for you.
All the lunches and coffee breaks are included. If you don't get breakfast in your hotel, you may still find a snack and a coffee in the foyer near the conference area.

The Dorint Hotel is expensive, how about an alternative?

For the Dorint, we got a conference rate for 169 Euro/night with a single room and 204 Euro for a double room.
Within walking distance, there are over 20 other hotels. The nearby the Maritim is a 4 star hotel around 100 Euro/night. And the smaller Hotel Monte Christo is just a block away from the Dorint and charges around 70 Euro per night. In the old city of Cologne, you find plenty of small boutique hotels to have a great stay!
And if you stay farer away, you can take a train to the subway station Neumarkt, which is located in front of the Dorint Hotel.

Will there be a 2020 conference in Germany?

Not sure yet. First priority is to make the Cologne conference a success. Then we may decide for a follow up conference in 2020. Please make us happy by attending our conference!

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
03 05 19 - 15:33