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Graphics class for DynaPDF

We are integrating DynaPDF with the Graphics class in Xojo. You can get a graphics object to draw into the current page via normal graphics class methods. The code looks like this:

Dim g as graphics = pdf.PageGraphics

Technically we create a temporary picture with a subclassed graphics class and give you the graphics object from the picture. You can get the temporary picture with PageGraphicsPicture property. All draws go both into the picture and the PDF page:

Dim p as picture = pdf.PageGraphicsPicture

We support normal drawing commands in graphics class and the usual properties. Draw/Fill Oval/Rect/RoundRect/Line/Polygon will just work. DrawString draws text for single and multi line. StringHeight and StringWidth measure text via DynaPDF functions, so the result may be different than in a picture, but you get the right values needed for the PDF output. DrawPicture can draw picture with alpha channel and masks if needed. NextPage method will close current page and make a new one. Or you implement NextPage event to do this yourself. Then you can import existing page as background.

We support vector graphics classes (Object2D) and drawObject command. Most properties should work and this includes transparency and rotation.

As the report engine is built on Object2D, the report engine can output to PDF via our graphics class.

This works in all Xojo versions (And Real Studio), with all DynaPDF editions and come soon with next 19.2 prerelease.
02 05 19 - 20:35