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CURL Conference 2019 in Prague

The CURL conference (or meet-up) in Prague was a great way to learn a bit more about CURL and how people use it. Especially I leant about the roadmap, HTTP/2, HTTP/3 or Quic and TLS news. The sessions give a great insight what's new in CURL since the last conference, how some internal works and how the project is organized.

The event is organized with great help of some local Czech people from Charles University, which also provided the room. Daniel Stenberg, the author of CURL was of course the star of the show. But there were other notable attendees from various bigger companies including Teamviewer, Akamai, Google, Red Hat, wolfssl, Apiary (part of Oracle) and a few startups where I forgot the names and a few self employed people. The maintainer of wget command line tool came as an attendee. Nice to see them working together on protocol details for their respective open source projects.

Overall the CURL project seems to work well. Activity is growing, more people contribute, the number of tests is growing and even the number of tests to source code lines is raising. They collect money via a donation service and plan to use it to fund a few things including some bug bounty program.

Looking forward to future events! Thanks everyone for organizing and interesting sessions.

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31 03 19 - 19:31