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SetFrontMost for Windows

You may know the problem that on Windows your app shows several windows and some are behind others windows from other applications. The user may need to click once on all your app windows or use alt-tab key combination to switch to another app and back to get all windows to front.

We'll change that with our plugins by adding new functions to bring a windows app to the front. We activate the frontmost window from the app and arrange all other windows behind it, but before other windows.

For FileMaker Process.SetFrontMost function is now available for Windows in addition to MacOS. To bring an individual window to the front, you can use Window.Activate function.

For Xojo you can now set Application.FrontmostMBS property on Windows, too. We add window.ActivateWindowMBS method to bring a window to the front and set focus. For dealing with all windows on Windows, you can bring a window from another app to the front with ActivateWindow method in WindowsListMBS class.

We hope those two new functions will help you to improve the user experience in your solutions.
e.g. you can bring all windows to front when user clicks on one window.

Coming soon in April with MBS FileMaker Plugin 9.2 betas and MBS Xojo Plugins 19.2 betas.
28 03 19 - 07:35