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Xojo Enterprise is now Xojo Pro Plus

Xojo Inc. changed the name of the license option called Enterprise to Xojo Pro Plus.

As you see, it includes Top Priority Support, so you get quicker answers from Xojo's support staff. Your messages and feedback cases should get priority to be read first. Fast Fixes are included, so your problems are not just read, but also bugs fixed and workarounds found to help your app to work. 2X Activations allows you to install Xojo on up to 6 computers or virtual machines. This is very handy to install Xojo Pro on Linux, MacOS and Windows VMs and activate Xojo there, so you can build and test easily on each machine.

Anyone who invests into Xojo Pro Plus licenses, should also consider to go to the Xojo Developer Conferences and talk directly to Xojo staff. Geoff Perlman will be at the conferences in Miami in May and in Cologne in October.
18 03 19 - 14:30