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Xojo developer available for hire

We got notice from Norman, that he left Xojo Inc. and is now looking for new projects or jobs related to Xojo:

Norm Palardy, formerly Senior Developer at Xojo Inc., has become available if anyone is looking for additional resources to add to their development efforts.
After spending nearly 11 years at Xojo he is now seeking other opportunities to work with talented engineers and product specialists to make those designs come to life.

Anyone wishing to contact him can get in touch with him at npalardy at great-white-software.com

You may have met at the various Xojo conferences, read his articles in the Xojo Developer Magazine and he is one of the top posters on the Xojo forums. He knows Xojo in-and-out and could certainly help to move a project forward.
12 03 19 - 17:46