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Extra sight seeing for our MBS Xojo Conference in Cologne

For the MBS Xojo Conference in Europe, we may have something special for people staying a bit longer. Especially our guests from the USA are probably coming for a week, so we organize an extra sight seeing special.

For 22nd October, we'll organize a guided private tour to the roof of the cathedral (or with bad weather to the underground or backstage parts). We can invite up to 15 people for the tour. Let us know if you are interested to join us.

Participants need to be 16 year old. They do have a cargo lift, but if it's not available or broken that day, we may need to take the 240 steps to walk up. Please sign up for the conference, make your hotel reservation and let us know whether you have time. Same evening we may go for dinner after the tour. Start time is probably around 15:30 o'clock at the hotel.
09 03 19 - 11:48