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Tooltips for the FileMaker export dialog

Recently a developer contacted us. They have to handle several databases of their clients and all have different naming schemes for fields. In the export dialog, they don't know which fields are formulas, statistic or global fields. If the name doesn't say it, you may not know it in the dialog. Of course they can switch to the database definition dialog and take a screenshot of the fields list. But it would be easier to see the type information directly in the export dialog.

Here you see a screenshot composition with six different tooltips at once. When the system needs a tooltip MBS Plugin looks up the table and field names and queries the type information via SQL to display in the tooltip. So you may see field names like varchar (text), decimal (numbers), binary (containers) and calculated (formula). Repetitions are showed in brackets and global fields have a global prefix to the type.

The feature is available for MacOS in the new 9.1pr6 version of MBS FileMaker Plugin. We hope you enjoy it!
07 03 19 - 09:17