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Newer IMAP Email example for FileMaker

Have you seen our new email example for loading emails via IMAP?

We'd like to show you our newest email example to receive emails:

In this example you can enter your email server, user name and password. Than you can click load email list and the plugin will load the list of all emails and show them as records in the database:

This is just the list of emails we loaded. For each email we get the basic information and if needed, you can click "Load Email" button to load the actual email from the server. In the second tab, you can see the internals. On the left the you see the JSON returned by the plugin with the list of emails and on the right the log messages from CURL transfer:

You can click on an email to load it. If it's not already loaded, it will be loaded now. On the email layout, you see all the details of the email with the subject, the recipients, the dates, plain and html text. We parse the email and fill all those fields:

In debug tab you can see the internals. Each email has an unique ID on the server, the ID in our database and the ID of the postbox in our database. We have the JSON here with the details for this email and we put from and to here in fields to display to the user. The plugin provides the download URL to load each email. The loaded flag makes sure we only load the email once and keep it here:

The preview tab shows a preview of the email. For a text email, we create html automatically. For a HTML email, we will show it here with embedded images.

If you like, you can delete email here. It will be deleted on the server first and than in the local database.

The example is included with 9.1 prereleases.
03 03 19 - 10:54