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Apple Maps in FileMaker on iOS

If you ever wondered how to lookup the hotel for the FileMaker DevCon 2019, you could use a self written FileMaker solution on your iPhone or iPad to do so.

With MapView functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin you can put a map on the FileMaker layout and show locations.

For next 9.1 plugin we'll add a few more functions for directions and showing routes. The map view will be embedded in the layout better, so it scrolls with other content on the same page.

What other features would you like to see?

Current 9.0 plugin can already render map images with 2D or 3D with MapView.Snapshot function. When you have the map view on the layout, you can move to an address with MapView.ShowAddress function and optionally put a pin there. Or just add pins for given coordinates with MapView.AddPin function.

On the list for 9.1 are poly lines to show routes and get directions. If you have more ideas, please let us know. We'd like to polish the map functions a bit more to present them at DevCon in summer.

If you developer for iOS and need the 9.1 prerelease versions sooner, please contact us. Claris FileMaker Plugin
23 01 19 - 18:19