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Xojo Training in Europe

If you are looking for an experienced Xojo trainer in Germany and surrounding countries, I'd like to remind you that Ulrich Bogun and Christian Schmitz (me) do offer personal and group training for Xojo.

Beginner's Training

Get a jump start into Xojo and let Ulrich show you the Xojo features. Next look at the programming basics like data types and objects. Learn about loops, structures and conditions and the OOP basics: Classes, inheritance and events.

From an idea to an app means to formalize your ideas and decide on algorithms to implement in a Xojo project. Learn about error handling, debugging and profiling to optimize and fix your application.

Finally learn about platform specific features and differences between platforms. Write code that works on MacOS and Windows as well as Linux. If possible, we can look into iOS vs. Android and check web projects in comparison to desktop projects.

Advanced Training

If you like to look deeper into Xojo with advanced features in detail, how about a session where we look into dictionaries, delegates, variants? We can work with exceptions and advanced usage of the debugger.

Databases are the core of most applications, so let's connect to several types of databases. Learn how to handle errors, use prepared statements and learn how to easily handle different databases in one app.

Network communication is essential for every application, so let's use sockets. Whether we use lower level TCP/UDP sockets or higher level HTTPSockets, we can communicate between two applications and use various web services.

Let's use threads and helper apps to process data in the background without blocking the user interface. Learn what IPCSockets do for you and how to synchronize threads and write efficient queues.

Training days in Cologne

Group training is available with the MBS Xojo Conference in Cologne: Training Website. Two days are planned where 23rd October 2019 is dedicated for English speaking trainees and 26th October 2019 is scheduled for German speaking guests. Of course that is a suggestion so if we get a lot of people who speak English, we may do both days in English unless someone is German speaking only. And technically we could also swap the days, depending on the people signing up.

Personal Training

Personal training for you or your company can be done in your office, our office or in a hotel meeting room somewhere between. The topics for the trainings is different and depends on the trainees. Usually we have our topics list as a base, but can do first your favorites.

As Christian Schmitz is the main developer for the MBS Plugins, we can of course schedule topics related to plugin classes, too. This may include getting you a kick start on how to use some plugins or help with integration of features right into your project.

Ulrich Bogun and Christian Schmitz are available as trainer and can travel as needed. Day rate for Ulrich is about 600 to 800 Euro and for Christian about 800 to 1200 Euro. Pricing depends on number of attendees, number of days and travel & hosting arrangements.
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