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MBS Xojo Conference Survey Results

We got 70 people to answer the survey and only 10 said they won't come. So we may have 60 people to join the conference, but of course we hope for more like the 80 we got in Berlin.

Half the people don't care for the exact date, but the most popular week is 24/25th October 2019, so we focus on that week.

We asked whether people like a smaller cheaper city like Koblenz or prefer a bigger city like Cologne. Cologne won with many more votes and a few people say they really prefer Cologne for it's own airport. So we look for a nice place in Köln:

Cologne has a 2000 year history, a big cathedral to visit and climb up the towers, a Roman Germanic museum about the history and a few other nice things like a famous zoo to visit.

Some people are interested in training, so we'll offer training days again in German and English and both beginner and advanced levels. Ulrich would do beginners and I would do advanced.

We'll have dinner together for Thursday and reserve space at the bar for our group to meet and greet. We'll probably find a brewery and order some buffet for you for dinner.

For speakers, we already have over 10 volunteers. Once conference is announced, we hope speakers will submit a topic with description text and length estimate to us.

Depending on which hotel we pick, we may decide to split group into two rooms and get more sessions included, like making beginner vs. advanced track or may something like database vs. mobile.

As with the years before, we look into offering a substantial early bird discount, some free tickets for young people and to bring over some Xojo staff from the USA/Canada.
16 12 18 - 12:47