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Xojo 2018 Release 3

The new version of Xojo was released this week. You probably read the announcement on the Xojo website. Improvements include Dark Mode (see blog article) and IDE enhancements (see blog article).

For MBS Plugin there is a little change we will apply to next plugin release: The list of data types for SQL in the Xojo plugin SDK was extended and now includes all variants of integer from 8 to 64-bit and signed/unsigned. We''ll update our MBS Xojo SQL Plugin to make sure we can pass right data type to Xojo for UInt16 and others. The plugin will stay with old behavior for older Xojo versions.

This Xojo release looks great so far and we are moving a lot of projects from older versions to the new Xojo 2018r3 release. The labels on Windows are a big improvement as well as the other changes to reduce flicker on Windows. And the new Xojo version works with Xcode 10, which we need for MacOS 10.14 Mojave.

There is a move in software development to get us 64-bit only on Mac. We like to avoid the annoying dialogs for 32-bit for our customers and soon start implementing the notarization for our apps. There is an AppWrapper update (3.9) coming to help there. But usually it will be a shell script to do the signing, the notarization and build a dmg. We want to automate the build process as much as possible.

For old Real Studio, it may come the time to say good bye. MacOS 10.15 may no longer support 32-bit and not run it.

See also review from Bob Keeney: Xojo 2018 R3
24 10 18 - 13:50